Getting Started


GeoPandas is written in pure Python, but has several dependencies written in C (GEOS, GDAL, PROJ). Those base C libraries can sometimes be a challenge to install. Therefore, we advise you to closely follow the recommendations below to avoid installation problems.

Easy way

The best way to install GeoPandas is using conda and conda-forge channel:

conda install -c conda-forge geopandas

Detailed instructions

Do you prefer pip install or installation from source? Or specific version? See detailed instructions.

What now?

  • If you don’t have GeoPandas yet, check Installation.

  • If you have never used GeoPandas and want to get familiar with it and its core functionality quickly, see Getting Started Tutorial.

  • Detailed illustration how to work with different parts of GeoPandas, how to make maps, manage projections, spatially merge data or geocode are part of our User Guide.

  • And if you are interested in the complete documentation of all classes, functions, method and attributes GeoPandas offers, API Reference is here for you.

Get in touch

Haven’t found what you were looking for?

  • Ask usage questions (“How do I?”) on StackOverflow or GIS StackExchange.

  • Report bugs, suggest features or view the source code on GitHub.

  • For a quick question about a bug report or feature request, or Pull Request, head over to the gitter channel.

  • For less well defined questions or ideas, or to announce other projects of interest to GeoPandas users, … use the mailing list.